Rudy B, the DJ of the stars, from Dubai produces the new hits

Rudy B. DJ

RUDY B. DJ was born in 1965, of Italian origin, raised in Riccione, the Italian capital of entertainment. He is one of the most loved DJs in the world by VIPs and celebrities for his music and for his discretion. 

Born to the music industry in the 80’s, RUDY B came up in the school of the dance club scene in Riccione and Rimini (Italy), Deejaying in the most famous dance clubs in Italy as well as opening the iconic Billionaire in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, and maintaining the Club at the top of the worldwide party scene for 10 years. 

Official DJ of the most famous international events, with the most famous brands, he personally produced and as a ghost producer, dozens of successful hits all over the world. He has been the personal DJ of the largest high-level private parties in the world, music manager in some famous real events, as well as for a long time residing DJ at the Billionaire with Flavio Briatore. The only DJ in the world to have worked alongside personalities such as Naomi Campbell, Ray Charles, Little Louie Vega, Claude Challe, Phil Collins, P. Diddy, Jery Halliwell, Paris Hilton, Neil Cooper and many other.